Ashley Boyles RN. BSN. CEO

Delegating Nurse

We provide the Delegating Nurse duties that are required by the Office of Health Care Quality and the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Some of the services we provide:​
* Delegating Nurse - Registered Nurse
* Initial Nursing Assessments.
* 45 Days Nurse Assessments.
* Ensure the staff including the managers is following protocol.
* Check to make sure that the medication technicians are following the doctor's order.
* Check and evaluate how the medication is distributed.
* Making sure the Medication Technicians are following the 5 patient's rights.
* Review each client's file for any irregularities.
* Assist or train staff on how to take vital signs.

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Assisted Living Homes & Facilities

24-7 On Call Delegating Nurse for as needed or routine services for your business!

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