Mobile Lab Services

Lab testing services in any setting to serve our clients better. We can provide a consistent team of mobile service technicians to visit your facility on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis. 
Providing clients with access to the lab testing their physician has ordered, all in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

* COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing
* Pre-Employment drug screenings
* On-Site Workplace and Event Testing
* Medical surveillance program
* Urine Drug Screenings and more...

On-Site Workplace and Event Testing

The precautions businesses take as they return to work will determine if they can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nasal swabbing all employees and running rapid COVID-19 testing can keep your organization operational and give your staff peace of mind in a safe work environment.
* COVID-19 testing at your place of employment
* COVID-19 testing at our clinic for small businesses 
* After & Before School Programs
* Summer Camp Programs and more...

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